The Barachois’ Spirit

Welcome to the restaurant, Barachois. Barachois is of Acadian origin describing water separated from the sea by a sand or gravel.It is in this exceptional, unique concept of a floating restaurant, that we propose you to discover an Indian Ocean “cuisine” with the collaboration of two chefs, one Mauritian – Guiliano Dubois and the other one, Indian – Sobat Singh Negi. They feature seafood cuisine, contemporary, authentic flavors and spices carefully measured. We wish you a pleasant evening as well as a memorable culinary experience.

Food Allergies & Intolerances

Please let us know if you have any food allergies (celery, sesame seeds, dairy, nuts, eggs, shellfish, mollusca, mustard, gluten, lupin, soy, peanuts, fish, and sulphur dioxide). It would be our pleasure to assist you to selecting a dish suitable for your requirements and having our chef preparing something special for you.



Lagoon fish salad with Rodrigues lemon
Salted crepe, tomato, paprika, stuffed with luffa chutney

Indian Ocean prawn roasted with cashew nut
Citrus, chickpeas and fried paneer

Octopus “ourite” vindaye from our lagoons
Three bell pepper, onions petals, mustard seeds


Roasted garden vegetables with eucalyptus honey
Romaine leaves and balsamic vinegar

Home-made braised chilli balls
Peas “rougaille”, turmeric and pistachio basmati, faratha


Grilled kashmiri lobster
Yoghurt, red chilli powder, garlic, ginger and cashew nuts

Roasted badami king prawns
Almonds, garlic, ginger, garam massala

Ruby snapper from the coast
Curry leaves pesto, Mauritian-style vegetables ratatouille

Grilled half-cooked tuna
Sweet potato, bell peppers, chayote, celery, cauliflower, lady fingers, peanuts sauce

Sautéed fresh water prawns with tonka broad beans butter
Creole-style peas “ragout” with eggplant pulp, lemon zest juice


Farm chicken in crispy rice leaf 
Ginger, mushrooms, bok choy, mild chilli, tomato

Rogan JoshAustralian rack of lamb
Garlic, ginger, garam-massala and red chilli

Preserved lamb with ginger and tomato (Main-Course)
Sautéed yam and onions petals


Tropical favour
Soft biscuit, victoria pineapple coulis, coconut sherbet

Exotic fruits marmalade
Joconde biscuit, mascarpone cream with Bourbon vanilla

Chou pastry-banana and Malaga cream with coconut milk
Caraïbe chocolate sauce

Rum, 4cl

Home Made Rhum Rs 345

Pink Pigeon  Rs 345

New Grove Old tradition 5yrs  Rs 485

Chamarel Double distillation  Rs 530

Rhum Chamarel VSOP Rs 715

New Grove Single Cask (Constance) Rs 715

New grove Solera Old tradition 25yrs  Rs 1265


Chef’s suggestions



Crispy green banana and thin-shredded tomato with onions and coriander, mint chutney

Squid sprinkled with curry and grilled pumpkinroasted bell peppers and spring onions



Braised seasonal vegetables in tomato sauce “sabji taka-taka” with garlic, cumin, turmeric, cachemire chilli powder, “pulao” rice with paneer and “garam masala”

“Afghani tikka” red drum marinated with Maroc saffron, lemon, ginger and grilled yoghurt, “pulao” rice, coconut chutney



Grilled farm chicken with honey tomato sauce and fresh cream



Poached victoria pineapple with coriander, coconut and vanilla emulsion and preserved tamarind Ananas Victoria poché à la

Chocolate, banana with spiced crumbles, Madagascar bourbon vanilla