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Traditional metropolitan 153 rue Juliette Dodu, 97400 Saint-Denis - Tel. 02 62 47 11 04/06 93 92 81 13

Closed Sunday, Monday to Wednesday and Saturday noon - Annual closures: the first two weeks of January.

At the top of the street Juliette Dodu of Saint-Denis, this discreet table frequented by a beautiful clientele including lawyers of the court located at a few steps, is a beautiful address! On a terrace with vitamin-rich furniture overlooking the street as in a more sober interior room, the immaculate tables are covered and the cloth napkins. It offers a fine French cuisine without artifice, well tied, with respected cooking and just seasoning. With measured portions, the plates are worked, controlled, and breathe freshness. Tasty desserts. The service is charming, applied and fast. An address to discover behind bars!

Lunch formulas 16,50 euros and 20,50 euros / Carte 33/65 euros

 Among colleagues, friends, business lunch, two, family

Where to eat in Reunion?

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